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Some 450,000 men from slave states wore the Union blue during the Civil War.  This project's database contains all known black Virginians from Albemarle County who served in the Union Army or Navy. We have identified over 230 men who enlisted and served in over 70 different regiments and five different ships. This project would not have been possible without the generous help of the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. A second phase will identify University of Virginia students who fought in the Union military.

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Gary W. Gallagher is Director of the Nau Civil War Center and John L. Nau III Professor in the History of the American Civil War. A native of Los Angeles, he is the author or editor of more than thirty-five books, including The Confederate War (Harvard University Press, 1997), Causes Won, Lost, and Forgotten: How Hollywood and Popular Art Shape What We Know About the Civil War (University of North Carolina Press, 2008), The Union War (Harvard University Press, 2011), and Becoming Confederates: Paths to a New National Loyalty (University of Georgia Press, 2013). He has served as editor of three book series at the University of North Carolina Press: "Civil War America," with more than 105 titles to date; “Military Campaigns of the Civil War,” with 10 titles; and the “Littlefield History of the Civil War Era,” with 10 titles.


Elizabeth R. Varon is Associate Director of the Nau Civil War Center and Langbourne M. Williams Professor of American History at the University of Virginia.  Varon grew up in northern Virginia. She received her PhD from Yale, and has held teaching positions at Wellesley College and Temple University. A specialist in the Civil War era and 19th-century South, Varon is the author of We Mean to be Counted:  White Women and Politics in Antebellum Virginia (1998); Southern Lady, Yankee Spy:  The True Story of  Elizabeth Van Lew, A Union Agent  in the Heart of the Confederacy (2003), Disunion!: The Coming of the American Civil War, 1789-1859 (2008) and Appomattox: Victory, Defeat and Freedom at the End of the Civil War (2013).


William B. Kurtz is the Nau Center’s Digital Historian and Archivist.  He received his PhD in 2012 from the University of Virginia, where he studied under the direction of Gary W. Gallagher. His first book, Excommunicated from the Union: How the Civil War Created a Separate Catholic America, was released by Fordham University Press in December 2015. You can read his personal website and blog at www.wkurtz.com.

John L. Nau III
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