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The grace of oure lorde / the light of his spirite to se and to iudge / true repentaunce towardes goddes lawe / a fast faith in the mercifull promises that are in oure savioure Christ / fervent loue towarde thy neyghboure after the ensample of Christ and his sayntes / be with the o reader and with all that loue the trouth and longe for the redempcion of goddes electe. Amen.

Oure savioure Ihesus in the .xvj. chaptre of Iohan at his last souper when he toke his leaue of his disciples / warned them sayenge / the holye gost shall come and rebuke the worlde of iudgement. That is / he shall rebuke the worlde for lacke of true iudgement and discrecyon to iudge / and shall proue that the taste of their mouthes is corrupte / so that they iudge swete to be sowre and sowre to be swete / and their yies to be blinde / so that they thinke that to be the verye service of god which is but a blinde supersticyon / for zele of which yet they persecute the true service of god: and that they iudge to be the lawe of god which is but a false imaginacion of a corrupte iudgement / for blinde affeccyon of which yet they persecute the true lawe of god & them that kepe it. And this same is it that Paule sayeth in the seconde chaptre of the first epistle to the Corinthians / how that the naturall man that is not borne agayne and created anew with the spirite of god / be he never so greate a philosopher / never so well sene in the lawe / never so sore studyed in the scripture / as we haue ensamples in the pharises / yet he can not vnderstonde the thinges of the spirite of god: but sa

JOHN: 16.8, 11: 5/9–10, 8/20–21

1 CORINTHIANS: 2.14: 5/20–24, 110/27–28, 137/17–19