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And Matt. xviij. if thi brother heare the not tell the church or congregacion and so forth. In which places and thorowout al the scripture / the church is taken for the hole multitude of them that beleue in christ in that place in that parish towne / citie / prouince / londe or thorowout all the worlde / and not for the spiritualitie only.

brother] 1573, broter 1531

12/18–19 if ... church or congregacion. Cf. Matt. 18.16–17.

MATTHEW: 18.16–17: 12/18–19

Notwithstondinge yet it is some times taken generally for all that embrace the name of Christe though their faythes be nought or though they haue no fayth at all. And some times it is taken specially for the electe only in whose hertes God hath written his lawe with his holy spirite and geuen them a felinge faith of the mercy that is in christe Iesu oure lorde.

1. timo. 5. 1531

all] all them 1573

nought] naught 1573

JEREMIAH: 31.33: 7/32–33,12/27, 49/19,52/29–30, 53/22, 53/34, 54/16–17,64/15–16, 85/26,97/15–16, 111/7, 112/29, 113/21–22, 113/28, 113/32–33, 137/32, 139/15, 151/27, 170/17–18, 175/14, 183/9–10, 195/22–23, 205/27–28

12/24–27 all ... electe. Cf. CWM 8/1.108/1–4.Tyndale's definition of "church" as the elect will recur at 28/15–25, 112/27–30, 142/30–143/2. (JW)

12/24–29 Notwithstondinge ... lorde. CWM 8/1.146/4–9. This faith worth "nought" (12/25), opposed to "no fayth at all" (12/26), is "historicall faith" (48/27), which Tyndale usually contrasts with "felinge faith" (12/28).

¶Why Tindale vsed this worde congregacion rather then church in the translacion of the new testament

13/1–2 congregacion rather then church. Cf. CWM 6/1.286/26–34.

Wherfore in as moch as the clergye (as the nature of those hard & indurat adamandstones is / to draw all to them) had appropriat vn to them selues the terme that of right is comen vnto all the hole congregacion of them that beleue in christe and with their false and sotle wyles had begyled and mocked the people and brought them in to the ignoraunce of the worde / makynge them vnderstonde by this word church / nothinge but the shauenflocke / of them that shore the hole world: therfore in the translacion of the new testament where I found this word ecclesia / I enterpretated it / bi this worde congregacion. Even therfore did I it / and not of any mischevouse minde or purpose to stablishe heresie / as master More vntrulye reporteth of me in his dialoge where he rayleth on the translacion of the new testament.

as the clergye (as] ed., (as the. clergye as 1531, (as the clergy, as 1573

13/4–13 Wherfore ... congregacion. Cf. CWM 8/1.164/16–21. More omits Tyndale's invective against the clergy as "hard & indurat adamandstones" (13/4–5) and "shauenflocke" (13/10).

enterpretated] enterpreted 1573

heresie] 1573, he- heresie [1531]