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¶Why fauoure and not grace

And wyth lyke reasons rageth he because I turne charis in to fauoure and not in to grace / sayenge that euery fauoure is not grace and that in some fauoure there is but litle grace. I can saye also in some grace there is lytle goodnesse. And when we saye / he stondeth well in my ladis grace / we vnderstonde no greate godly fauoure. And in vniuersities manye vngracious graces are goten.

¶Why knowlege and not confessyon / repentaunce and not penaunce

And that I vse this word knowlege and not confession / and this repentaunce and not penaunce. In whych all he can not proue / that I geue not the ryghte englishe vnto the greke worde. But yt ys a ferre other thynge that payneth them and byteth them by the brestes. There be secret panges that pinch the very hertes of them / where of they dare not complayne.

The sekenesse that maketh them so impacyent ys / that they haue lost theyr iuglinge termes. For the doctours and preachers were wont to make many deuisyons / distinccyons and sortes of grace / gratis data / gratum faciens / preueniens and subsequens. And wyth confessyon they iugled / and made the people / as ofte as they spake of yt: vnderstonde shryft in the eare. Wherof the scripture maketh no mencyon: no it is cleane agenst the scrypture as they vse yt and preach yt / and vn to god an abhominacyon and a foule stinkynge sacrifice vnto the filthy ydole priapus. The losse of those iuglinge termes ys the mater where of all these bottes brede / that gnawe them by the belies and make them so vnquiet.