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prophisied they shuld make marchaundice of the people.

23/10–11 make marchaundice of the people. Cf. 2 Pet. 2.3.

¶Whether the church were before the gospell or the gospell before the church

23/12–13 ¶Whether . . . church. The title of this section is given at CWM 8/1.223/11–12 and repeated at CWM 8/1.225/2–4.

Another doute there is / whether the church or congregacion be before the gospell or the gospell before the church. Which question is as hard to solue / as whether the father be elder then the sonne or the sonne elder then his father. For the hole scripture and all beleuinge hertes testifye that we are begotten thorow the worde. Wherfore if the worde begette the congregacion / and he that begetteth is before him that is begotten then is the gospell before the church. Paul also Romano. ix. sayth / how shall they call on whom they beleue not? And how shall they beleue with out a preacher? That is / Christ must first be preached yer men can beleue in him. And then it foloweth / that the worde of the preacher must be before the faith of the belevar. And therfore in as moch as the worde is before the faith / and faith maketh the congregacion / therfore is the word or gospell before the congregacion. And agayne as the ayre is darke of it selfe and receaueth all hir light of the sonne: even so ar all mens hertes of them selfe darke with lies & receaue al their trueth of gods worde / in that they consent therto. And morouer as the darke ayre geveth the sonne no lighte / but contrary wise the light of the sonne in respecte of the ayre is of it selfe and lighteneth the ayre and purgeth it from darkenesse: even so the lienge herte of man can geue the word of god no trueth / but contrary wise the trueth of gods worde is of hir selfe and

23/14–27 Another . . . congregacion. CWM 8/1.225/2–18.

23/18 we are begotten thorow the worde. Cf. 1 Pet. 1.3.

23/21–22 how . . . preacher. Rom. 10.14. O'Donnell corrected the sidenote from Rom. 9 to Rom. 10.

23/27–30 And agayne . . . therto. CWM 8/1.227/34–37.

24/2–6 lienge . . . word. Cf. CWM 8/1.242/6–10.