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And this faith and knowlege is euerlastynge life / and by this we be born a new and made the sonnes of god and obtayne forgeuenesse of synnes and are translated from deeth to life and from the wrath of god vn to his loue and fauoure. And this faith is the mother of all trueth. And bryngeth with hir the spirite of all trueth. Which spirite purgeth vs / as from all sinne / even so from all lyes and erroure noysome and hurtefull. And this faith is the fundacion layd of the appostles and prophetes wheron Paul saith Ephe. ij. that we are bylt / and therby of the household of god. And this faith is the rocke wheron Christ bilt his congregacion. Christ axed the appostles Matth. xvj. whom they toke him for. And Peter answered for them all sayenge I saye that thou art Christ the sonne of the liuinge god that art come in to this worlde. That is / we beleue that thou art he that was promised vn to Abraham / shuld come and blesse vs and deliuer vs. How be it Peter yet wist not by what meanes. But now it is opened thorow out all the world / that thorow the offerynge of his body and bloude. That offeringe is a satisfaccion for the sinne of all that repent and a purchasynge of what so euer they can axe / to kepe them in fauoure. And that they sinne no moare. And Christ answered vppon this rocke I will byld my congregacion : that is / vppon this faith. And agenst the rocke of this faith can no sinne / no hell / no deuell / no lies nor erroure preuayle.

bilt] build 1573

shuld come and] that should come 1573

For what soeuer any man hath committed / if he repent and come to this rocke / he is saffe. And that this faith is the only waye bi which the church of Christ goeth vn to god and vn to the enheretaunce of all his riches / testifie all the ap