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and his worde is not in vs. And Paul .Roma. vij. saith / that good which I wold / that do I not / but that evell which I wold not / that do I. So it is not I that doo it (saith he) but synne that dwelleth in me. Thus are we synners and no synners. No synners / if thou loke vn to the profession of oure hertes towarde the law of God / on oure repentaunce and sorow that we haue / both because we haue synned and also because we be yet full of synne still / and vn to the promises of mercie in oure sauioure christe / and vn to oure fayth. Synners are we / iff thou loke vn to the frailtie of oure flesh / which is as the weakenesse of one that is newly recouered out of a greate disease / by the reason wherof oure dedes are imperfett. And by the reason where of al so / when occasions be greate / we fall in to horrible dedes / and the frute of the synne which remayneth in oure membirs breaketh out. Notwithstondynge yet the spirite leaveth vs not / but rebuketh vs and bringeth vs home agayne vn to oure profession / so that we never cast off the yocke of God from oure neckes nether yeld vpp oure selues vn to synne / for to serue it / but fighte afresh and begynne a new batayle.