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as sone as they be rebuked / they repent: even so here / assone as they were better taught / they shuld immediatly knowlege their erroure and not resiste.

But they which maliciously maynetene opinions agenst the scripture / or that that can not be proued by the scripture / or soch as make no mater vn to the scripture and saluacion that is in christ whether they be true or noo / and for the blinde zele of them make sectes / breakinge the vnite of christes church / for whose sake they ought to suffre all thynge / and rise agenst their neyboures / whom they ought to loue as them selues / to slee them / soch men I saye are fallen from christe and make an Idole of their opinions. For except they put trust in soch opinions and thought them necessarie vn to saluacion / or with a cankred conscience went about to disceaue / for some filthie purpose / they wold never breake the vnite of faith or yet slee their brethern. Now is this a playne conclusion / that both they that trust in their awne workes / and they also that put confidence in their awne opinions / be fallen from Christe and erre from the waye of faith that is in christes bloude / and therfore are none of christes church / because they be not bilt vppon the rocke of faith.

¶Faith is ever assayled and fought with all.