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risen and longed for hym? But coude not beleue the wound of temptacyon beinge greater then that it coude be healed wyth the preachynge of a woman with out any other miracle.

Ioseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus which while he yet liued durst not be a knowen of hym assone as he was deed / bedged his bodie and buried hym boldly. And the wemen assone as yt was lawful to worke prepared their annoyntmentes with all diligence. And the hertes of the dysciples that went to Emaus burned in their brestes to heare speake of hym.

And thomas had not forsaken Christ / but coude not beleue vntyll he sawe hym / and yet desyred and longed to se hym and reioysed when he saw hym and for ioye cryed out / my lorde my god. There was none of them that euer railed on hym and came so ferre forth / to saye / he was a disceauer and wrought wyth the dyuels craft all thys whyle / and se where to he ys come in the ende? we defye hym and all hys werkes false wretch that he was and hys false doctrine also. And therto must they haue come at the last / when feare / sorow and wonderynge had bene past / yf they had not bene preuented and holpe in the meane tyme.

Yee and peter assone as he had denied chryst came too hym selfe immedyatly and went out and wepte bytterly for sorow. And thus ye se / that peters fayth fayled not / though yt were oppressed for a tyme: so that we neade to seke no gloses for the texte that Chryst sayd to peter how that hys fayth shulde not fayle. Yes sayth Master More yt fayled in hym selfe / but was reserued in our ladye.

Peters fayth fayled not. 1531

[Hand] 1531