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But lat vs se the texte and their glose to gether. Christ saith Luke .xxij. Simon / Simon / sathan seketh you to sifte you as men sifte whete: but I haue prayed for the / that thy faith shall not faile / werfore when thou art come vn to thy selfe agayne strength thy brethern. Now put this wise glose therto and se how they agre to gether. Simon / satan seketh to sift you as whete / but I haue prayd for the / that my mothers faith shall not faile / wherfore when thou art come to thy selfe agayne / acordynge as my prayar hath obtayned for the / that my mothers faith shall not faile / strength thy brethern. How saye ye / is not this a propir texte and well framed to gether? Do ye not thinke that there is as moch witte in the heed of mad colens / as in the braynes of soch expositoures?

86/28–33 And so longe . . . the temple. Cf. Jer. 7.4.

¶Whether the pope and his secte be Christes church or no

87/2–3 god ... a nother. Cf. CWM 6/1.60/9.

That the pope and his spirites be not the church maye this wise be proued. He that hath no faith to be saued thorow Christe / is not of Christes churche. The pope beleueth not to be saued thorow Christe. For he teacheth to trust in holy workes for the remission of sinnes and saluacion: as in the workes of penaunce enioyned / in vowes / in pilgremage / in chastite / in other mens prayars and holy liuynge / in freres and freres cotes / in saintes merites / and the significacions put out / he teacheth to beleue in the dedes of the ceremonies and of the sacramentes ordeyned at the begynnynge to preach vn to vs and to do vs seruice / and not that we shuld beleue in them and serue them. And a thousand such supersticiousnesses setteth he before vs in steade

87/7 Nether . . . there. Cf. Matt. 24.23.

87/7–8 in oure hertes . . . dwelleth. Cf. 1 John 4.12–13.

87/10–11 god ... a nother. Cf. CWM 6/1.61/15–16.