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of Christ / to beleue in / nether Christ ner gods worde / nether honourable to god ner serviceable vnto our neyboure ner profitable vn to our selues for the tamynge of the flesh / which all are the denyenge of Christes bloud.

A nother reason is this. Whosoeuer beleueth in Christ / consenteth that gods lawe is good. The pope consenteth not that gods lawe is good. For he hath forboden lawfull wedlocke vn to all his / ouer whom he raigneth as a temporall tirant with lawes of his awne makynge and not as a brother exhortynge them to kepe Christes. And he hath graunted vnlaufull horedom vn to as many as bringe money. As thorow all doucheland / euery prest payenge a gulden vn to the archedecon shall frely and quietly haue his hore and put hir awaye at his pleasure & take a nother at his awne luste. As they doo in wales / in yerland / Scotland / Fraunce & Spayne. And in Englond therto they be not few whych haue licences to kepe hores / some of the pope and some of their ordinaries. And when the parishes goo to law with them to put a waye their hores / the bisshopes officers mocke them / poll them and make them spend their thryftes / and the prestes kepe their hores still. How be it in very dede sens they were rebuked by the preachynge of wicleffe / oure englesh spiritualtie haue layd their snares vn to mens wiues / to couer their abhominacions / though they byde not all waye secret.

2. [1531]

Ther to all Christen men if they haue done amisse repent when their fautes be told them. The spiritualtie repent not / but of very lust and consent to synne persecute both the scripture wherwith they be rebuked and also them that

3. [1531]