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warne them to amend & make heretikes of them and burne them. And besydes that / the pope hath mad a playne decre in which he commaundeth sayenge / though the pope synne neuer so greuously and draw with him to hell by his ensample thousandes innumerable / yet let no man be so hardye to rebuke him. For he is heed ouer all & none ouer him distinct .xl. Si papa.

And Paul saith Roma. xiij. let euery soule obey the hier powers that are ordeyned to punysh synne. The pope will not / ner let any of his.

And Paul chargeth .1. Corin. v. if he that is a brother be an horekeper / a dronkerd / couetouse / an extorsioner or a raylar and so forth / that we haue no felowsheppe with him: No not so moch as to eate in his companie. But the pope with violence compelleth vs to haue soch in honoure / to receaue the sacramentes of them / to heare their masses and to beleue all they saye / and yet they wyll not lett vs se whether they saye trouth or no. And he compelleth .x. parishes to paye their tithes and offeringes vn to one soch to goo and runne at riott at their cost & to doo noughte therfore. And a thousand soch like doeth the pope contrarie vn to Christes doctrine.

¶The argumentes where with the pope wold proue him selfe the church / are solued.

Notwithstondinge because as they be all shauen they be all shamelesse to affirme that they by the right church & can not erre / though all the world seeth that not one of them is in the right waye and that they haue with vtter defiaunce forsaken both the doctrine and livinge of