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vnlerned people that know not the scripture beleue in him. Loke whether any of the rulars or phareses doo beleue in him.

Wherfore the scripture truely vnderstond aftir the playne places and generall articles of the faith which thou findest in the scripture / and the ensamples that are gonne before / wyll all waye testifie who is the right church. Though the phareses succeded the patriarkes and prophetes and had the scripture of them / yet they were heretikes and fallen from the faith of them & from their lyuynge. And Christ and his disciples & Ihon the Baptist departed from the phareses which were heretikes / vn to the right sens of the scripture & vn to the faith & liuinge of the patriarkes & prophetes and rebuked the phareses. As thou seist how Christ calleth them ypocrites / dissimulars / blynd gydes & paynted sepulchres. And Ihon called them the generacion of vipers & serpentes. Of Ihon the angell said vn to his father Luke .j. he shall turne many of the children of Israel vn to their lord god. Which yet before Ihon beleued after a fleshly vnderstondynge in god & thought them selues in the right waye. And he shall turne the hertes of the fathers vn to the childerne. That is / he shall with his preachynge & true interpretynge of the scripture make soch a spirituall hert in the children as was in their fathers / Abraham / Isaac / & Iacob. And he shall turne the disobedient vn to the obedience of the rightteouse & prepare the lorde a perfecte people. That is / them that had sett vpp a rightewysnesse of their awne & were therfore disobedient vnto the rightewysnesse of faith / shall he conuerte from their blyndnesse vn to the wisdome of them that beleued in god to be made righ