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But of a felynge faith it is written. Ihon .vj. They shalbe all taught of God. That is / God shall write it in their hertes with his holy spirite. And Paul also testifieth Romano. viij. the spirite beareth recorde vn to oure spirite / that we be the sonnes off God. And this faith is none opinion / but a sure felynge / and therfore euer frutefull. Neyther hangeth it of the honestie of the preacher but of the power of God and of the spirite / and therfore iff all the preachers of the world wold goo a boute to persuade the contrary / it wold not preuayle / no moare then though they wold make me beleue the fire were cold / aftir that I had put my fingre therin.

Of this ye haue an ensample Ihon .iiij. of the Samaritanish wife / which left hir pitcher and went in to the citie and said / come and se a man that hath told me all that euer I did / is not he Christe and many of the Samaritanes beleued because of the sayenge of the woman / how that he had told hir all that euer she did / and went out vn to him and desyred him to come in / which faith was but an opinion and no faith that coude haue lasted or haue brought out frute / but when they had herd Christ / the spirite wrought and made them fele. Whervppon they came vn to the woman and saide: we beleue not now because of thy sayenge / but because we haue harde our selues and know that he is christ the sauioure of the worlde. For christes preachinge was with power and spirite that maketh a man feale and knowe and worke to / and not as the scribes and phareses preached and as oures make a man ready to cast his gorge