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to heare them raue and rage as mad men. And therfore saith the scripture cursed is he that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arme / that is to saye / his strength. And euen so cursed is he that hath no nother beleffe but because men so saye. Cursed were he that had no nother why to beleue then that I so saye. And even so cursed is he that beleueth only be cause the pope so saith / and so forth thorow oute all the men in the worlde.

strength] 1573, strengh [1531]

¶The faith that dependeth of a nother mans mouth is weke.

If I haue no nother fealynge in my faith then because a man so saith / then is my faith faithlesse and frutelesse. For if I haue no nother felynge that lecherie is synne then that the pope so preacheth / whom I se before my face sett vppe in Rome a stues of .xx. or .xxx. thousand hores / takynge of every pece tribute yerly / and his bisshopes with all other his disciples folowynge the ensample mightily / and the pope therwith not content / but to sett vpp therto a stues of younge boyes agenst nature / the committers of which synne be burnt at a stake amonge the turkes / as Moses also commaundeth in his lawe / and the pope also to forbid all the spiritualltie / a multitude of .xl. or .l. hundred thousand to mary / & to geue them licence to kepe euery man his whore who so wyll: if I saye / I haue no nother felynge in my faith that lechery is synne then this mans preachinge / I thynke my faith shuld be to weake to beare moch frute. How coude I beleue a man that wold saye he loued me / if