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all his dedes were contrary? I coude not beleue God him selfe that he loued me / if in all my trybulacions I had of him no nother comforte then those bare wordes.

And in like maner if I had no nother felynge in my fayth that couetousnesse were synne / then that the spiritualtie so sayth / my faith coude be but weake and faintie / when I se how the pope wyth wiles hath thrust downe the emproure / and how the bisshopes and prelates be cropt vpp. an hye in all regyons aboue their kinges and haue made them a seuerall kingdome and haue goten in to their handes all most the one halfe of euery realme whiche they diuide amonge them selues / geuinge no laye man ony parte wyth them / and hepynge vpp bisshoperike vppon bisshoperike / promocyon vppon promocion / benefice vppon benefice / with vnions and tot quottes robbinge in euery parish the soules of their fode and the pore of their due sustynaunce: ye and some preachinge that it were lesse sinne to haue .ij. wyues then .ij. benefices / but whyle they be yet younge & hote / and therfore thynke couetousnesse greater synne then lecherye: which same / when they be waxed elder and their complexcyon some what altered / thinke that couetousnesse is as small a synne as lechery / and therfore take all that cometh. And if any man cast theyr preachynge in their tethes / they answere that they be better lerned and haue sene further. If I saye / I haue no nother felinge that couetousnesse is synne / then the preachynge of these holy fathers / my faith were bilt but vppon a weke rocke or rather on the soft sonde. And therfore oure defenders do ryght well to fome out their awne shame and to vtter the secret thoughtes

MATTHEW: 7.26: 51/25–26