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be Abrahams seed / are they all Abrahams chyldren: but they only that folow the faith of Abraham. Euen so now none of them that beleue wyth theyr mouthes moued wyth the auctoryte of theyr elders only: that ys / none of them that beleue wyth Master Mores fayth / the popes fayth and the deuels fayth whych maye stonde (as Master More confesseth) with al maner abhominacyons / haue the ryght fayth of christ or are of hys church. But they only that repent and fele that the law is good / And haue the law of god written in their hertes and the fayth of oure sauioure Iesus / even wyth the sprite of God. There is a carnall Israel and a spirituall. There ys Isaac and Ismael / Iacob and Esau. And Ismael persecuted Isaac and Esau Iacob and the fleshly the spiritual. Wherof paul complayned in hys tyme persecuted of hys carnall brethern / as we doo in oure tyme and as the electe euer dyd and shall doo tyll the worldes ende. What a multitude came out of Egypte vnder Moses of whych the scripture testifyeth that they beleued / moued by the miracles of Moses / as Simon magus beleued by the reason of philippes miracles actes .viij. Neuer the lesse the scripture testyfieth that. vj. hundred thousand of those beleuers peryshed thorow vnbeleffe and lefte theyr carcasses in the wildernesse and neuer entred in to the lond that was promysed them. And euen so shall the childern of Master Mores faythlesse fayth made by the persuasyon of man / leppe shorte of the rest whych oure sauioure Iesus is rysen vnto. And therfore lett them enbrace thys present worlde as they doo / whose chyldern they are though they hate so to be called.

[Hand] [1531]

Actes. 8. 1531