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As for yperdulia I wold fayne wete where he readith of it in all the scripture and whether the worshuppe done to his lorde the cardinalles hatte were dulia / yperdulia or idololatria. And as for dulia and latria we fynde them both referred vn to god in a thousande places.

Therfore that thou be not begyled with falshed of sophisticall wordes / vnderstond / that the wordes which the scripture vseth in the worshepynge or honouringe of god are these: loue god / cleaue to god / dreade / serue / bowe / praye and cal on god beleue and trust in god and soch like. Which wordes al we vse in the worshepinge of man also / how be it diuersly and the difference therof doeth all the scripture teach.

God hath created vs and made vs vnto his awne likenes / and our sauioure christ hath bought vs with his bloude. And therfore are we Gods possession of dutie and right and Christes saruauntes only / to wayte on his wil and pleasure / and ought therfore to moue nether hand ner fote ner any other membir / other hert or mynd other wise then he hath appoynted. God is honoured in his awne person / when we receaue all thynge both good and bad at his hande / and loue his lawe with al oure hertes / and beleue hope and long fore all that he promiseth.

The officers that rule the world in Gods stede / as father / mother / master / husband / lorde and prince are honoured / when the law which almightye God hath committed vnto