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For there can nothinge edifie mans soule saue that which preacheth him gods worde. Only the worde of god worketh the health of the soule. And what someuer preacheth him that / can not but make him perfecter.

But to beleue that god wilbe sought moare in one place then in a nother / or that god will heare the moare in one place then in a nother / or moare where the image is / then where it is not is a false faith and Idolatrie or imageseruice. For first god dwelleth not in temples made with handes Actes .xvij. Item steuen died for the contrary and proued it by the prophetes Actes .vij. And Salomon in the .viij. off the thirde of the kinges / when he had byld his temple / testified the same and that he had not byld it for god to dwell in / ye and that god dwelleth not in the erth / but that he shuld out of heuen heare the prayars of them that prayed there. And the prophetes did often testifye vn to the people that had soch a false faith that god dwelt in the temple / that he dwelt not their. Morouer god in his testament byndeth him selfe vn to no place ner yet the: But speaketh generally (concerninge where and when) sayenge psalme .xlix. in the daye of the tribulacion thou shalt call on me and I wil deliuer the / and thou shalt glorifie me. He setteth nether place ner tyme / But whersoeuer and when soeuer: so that the prayar of Iob vppon the dongehyll was as good as Poules in the temple. And when oure sauioure saith Ihon .xvj. Whatsoeuer ye axe my father in my name / I will geue it you / he saith not in this or that plase / or this or that daye: but whersoeuer & when soeuer / as well in the feldes as in the toune and on the Monedaye as on the sondaye. God

[Hand] [1531]

God dwelleth not in any place. Actes .7. 1531

Psal. 49. [1531]

Ioan .16. [1531]