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achinge of that same / then were they iustified thereby. How be it the dede in it selfe / the cuttynge off of the foreskyn of the manchildes priuey membir iustified them not ner was a satisfaccion for the childes synnes / but the preachynge only did iustifie them that receaued the faith theroffe. For it was a bage geuen indifferently as well vn to them that neuer consented in their hertes vn to gods lawe / as vn to the electe in whose hertes the lawe was written. And that this was the meaninge of circumcision maye be proued many wayes: But namely by Paul Romans .ij. where he saith / circumcision is moch worth / if thou kepe the lawe (whose signe it was) and else not. And Roma. iij. where he saith that god did iustifie the circumcised of faith (whose signe it was on the other syde) and else not.

And the paschall lambe was a memoriall of their deliueraunce out of Egypte only and no satisfaccion or offeringe for synne.

Paschall lambe [1531]

And the offeringe of their first frutes preached how they had receaued all soch frutes of the hand of god / and that it was god that gaue them that land and that kepte them in it / and that did blesse and make their frutes grow. In token wherof as vn to a lorde roiall they brought him the first ripe frutes of their herueste. Which remembraunce as longe as it abode in their hertes / it moued them to loue god againe and their neyboure for his sake / as he so oft desyred them. And out of this ceremonye was fett the blessynge of oure new ripe frutes for like purpose / though we haue lost the significacion.

Firste frutes [1531]

And their other offeringes / as the sacrifices of doues / turtles / lambes / kyddes / shepe / calues / gottes and oxen were no satisfaccions for syn

Sacrifices [1531]