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ne / but only a signe and token / that at the repentaunce of the hert / thorow an offeringe to come and for that seedes sake that was promised Abraham / their synnes were forgeuen them.

And in like maner the ornamentes and all other ceremonies were eyther an open preachynge or secrett prophisies and not satisfaccions or iustifienges. And thus the workes did serue them and preach vnto them and they not the workes ner put any confidence therin.

¶False worshepynge

But what did the children of Israel and the Iewes? They latt the significacions of their ceremonyes goo and lost the meanynge of them and turned them vn to the workes to serue them / sayenge that they were holy workes commaunded of god and the offerars were therby iustified and obtayned forgeuenesse of synnes and therby became good: as the parable of the pharesey and publican declare Luke .xviij. and as it is to se in Paul and thoroute all the Byble: and became captiue to serue and put their trust in that which was nether god ner his worde. And so the better creature agenst nature did serue the worse. Where of all likelyhode god shuld haue accepted their worke by the reason of them / if their hertes had bene right / & not haue accepted their soules for the bloudes sake of a calfe or shepe / for as moch as a man is moch better then a calfe or shepe / as Christ testifieth Matth. xij. For what pleasure shuld god haue in the bloud of calues or in the light of oure candeles? his pleasure is onlye in the hertes of them that loue his commaundementes.