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holy day in vertue prayer and hearinge the worde of god / in almosdede / in visitynge the sycke / the nedie and comfortelesse and so forth / but went vp & downe ydlye / yet what soeuer nede his neyghboure had / he wolde not haue holpe hym on the saboth daye / as thou mayst se by the ruler of the synagoge which rebuked christ for healinge the people on the holy daye luke .xiij.

LUKE: 13.14: 66/27–28

And of like blyndnesse they went and fett out the brasen serpent (which Moses commaunded to be kepte in the arcke for a memorie) and offered before it: thinkynge (no doute) that god must be there present / for else how coude yt haue healed the people that came not nye yt / but stode afarre off and beheld yt only. And a thousand soch madnesses did they.

NUMBERS: 21.9: 66/29

2 KINGS: 18.4: 66/29, 88/12, 123/9, 124/9, 125/16, 184/23

And of the temple they thought that god herd them there better then any were else: ye and he hearde them nowhere saue there. And therfore they coude not praye but there / as oures can no where but at church and before an ymage. For what prayar can a man praye / when the woorde of god is not in the temple of hys herte: ye and when soch come to church / what is their prayer and what is their deuocyon / saue the blynde imageseruice of their hertes.

JEREMIAH: 7.9–15: 67/4

But the prophetes euer rebuked them for soch faythlesse workes and for soch false fayth in theyr workes. In the .xlix. psalme saith the prophete / I wil receaue no calues of youre houses ner gottes out of youre foldes / thinke ye that I will eate the flesh of oxen or drynke the bloude of gottes? And Esaias saith in his first chaptre / what care I for the multitude of your sacryfyces sayth the lorde. I am full. I haue

PSALMS: 50.9, 13: 67/12–15

ISAIAH: 11: 65/24–25, 67/15–18