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no lust in the burnt offeringes of youre rammes or in the fatt of fatt beestes or bloud of calues / lambes or gottes: offer me no moare soch false sacryfyce. And therto youre swete cense ys an abhominacion vnto me. And thus he said because of the false fayth and peruertynge the ryght vse of them.

And for their false fastinge / not referrynge theyr fast vnto the tamynge and subduynge of theyr flesh vnto the spirite / when they complayned vnto god iustifienge them selues and saynge / how happeneth it / that we haue fasted and thou woldest not loke vppon it / we haue humbled oure soules and thou woldest not know it. God answered them by the prophete Esayas in the .lviij. chaptre / behold / in the daye of youre fast / ye doo youre awne lustes and gather vpp all youre dettes. And how soeuer ye fast / ye neuer the later striue and fight and smyte with fyste cruelly. I haue chosen no soch faste and humblynge of soule, &c. But that ye louse weked bondes and lett the oppressed goo fre / and to breake breed vnto the hongrye and to cloth the naked and so forth.

And concerninge the temple / Esaias sayth in hys last chaptre. What housse wyll ye bild for me or in what place shall I rest? heuen is my sete and the erth my fote stole. As who shuld saye I am to greate for any place that ye can make / and (as steuen sayth actes .vij. and paul actes .xvij.) I dwell not in a temple made with handes.

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