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Vnderstond also (to se how we came yn to like blyndenesse) that before the comynge of christe in the flesh / the Israelites and Iewes were scatered thorow out all the world / to punish theyr imageseruice / both eest / west south and north / as ye reade in the chronicles how Englonde was once full: so that there was no prouince or greate citie in the world where no Iewes were: god so prouydynge for the spedie preachynge of the gospell amonge the hethen thorow out the worlde. Now chryst / as he was promised / so was he sent / vnto the Iewes or Israelites. And what by chrystes preachynge and the appostles after his resurrexion / there were innumerable Iewes conuerted haply an hundred thousand or moo in Ierusalem and Iewry and in the contres aboute / and abode still in the londe. Then paul rose vpp and persecuted them in Iherusalem and thorow out al Iewry and Damasco / sleynge all that he coude catche or makinge them forswere christe. For feare of which persecucion they fled in to all costes and preached vnto the Iewes that were scatered / prouinge that Iesus was christ the sauioure of the worlde / both by the scripture and also by myracles: so that agreate parte of the Iewes came to the faith euery where / and we hethen came in shortely after / and parte a bode styll in vnbeleffe as vnto this daye.

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Now the Iewes beynge born & bred vp / roted and noseld in ceremonyes as I haue shewed and as ye maye better se in the .v. bokes of Moses / if ye wold reade them / coude but with greate difficultie / depart from them as it is to se in al the epistles of paul / how he fought agenst them. But in processe