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¶The solutions and answeres vn to M. Mores first boke

In the first Chapter to beginne the boke with al / to bringe you goodlucke and to geue you a saye or a taste what trueth shall folowe / he fayneth a letter sent from no man.


In the seconde chapter / besydes that it is vntrue this vse to haue bene euer sens the tyme of the appostles / he maketh many sophisticall reasons about worshepinge of sayntes reliques and images / and yet declareth not with what maner worshepe / but iugleth with the terme in comune / as he doeth with this worde church and this word faith / when the wordes haue diuers significacions: for al faythes are not one maner faith and so forth / and therefore he begylyth a mans vnderstondinge. As if a man said / the boyes will was good to haue geuen his father ablowe / and a nother wold inferre / that a good wyll coude be no synne / and conclude / that a man might lawfully smite his father. Now is good wyll taken in one sens in the maior and in a nother in the minor / to vse scolars termes / & therfore the conclusion doeth mocke a mans witte. Then disputeth he / the seruaunt is honowred for the masters sake / and what is done to the pore is done to Christ (as the popish shall once fele / for their so robbynge them). And the .xij. appostles shall haue their setes and sitte and iudge with christe (as shall all that here preach him truely as they did) and Mary that powred the oyntement on christes heed before his passion /