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¶An answere to Master Mores seconde boke

In the first chapter ye may not trie the doctrine of the spiritualtie by the scripture: But what they saye / that beleue vndoutedly and by that trie the scripture. And if thou finde the playne contrary in the scripture / thou maist not beleue the scripture / but seke a glose and an allegorie to make them agre. As when the pope saith / ye be iustified by the workes of the ceremonies and sacramentes and so forth / and the scripture saith / that we be iustified at the repentaunce of the hert thorow Christes bloude. The first is true playne / as the pope saith it and as it stondeth in his texte / but the second is false as it appereth vn to thine vnderstandinge and the literall sens that kylleth . Thou must therfore beleue the pope and for Christes doctrine seke an allegorie and a misticall sens: that is / thou must leaue the clere light and walke in the miste. And yet Christ and his appostles for all their miracles required not to be beleued with out scripture / as thou maist se Ihon .v. and Actes .xvij. and bi their diligent alleginge of scripture thorow out all the new testament.

And in the ende he saith for his pleasure / that we knowlege / that noman may ministre sacraments but he that is deriuede out of the pope. How be it this we knowlege / that noman coude ministre sacramentes with out significacion which are no sacramentes saue soch as are of the popis generacion.