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¶An answere vnto Master Mores fourth boke

¶] ed., An answere vnto Master Mores fourth boke] running title 1531, An aunswere to M. ... booke 1573

Christes church hath the true doctrine all redy / and the selfe same that S. Paul wold not geue an angel audience vn to the contrary. T. but the popis church wil not heare that doctrine. M. confirmed with soch a multitude of miracles and so moch bloud of marters / & comen consent of al christendome. T. who shewed a miracle to confirme his preachynge of eareconfession & pardons with like pedelery ? or who shed his bloude for them? I can shew you many thousandes that ye haue slayne for preachynge the contrary. And againe grecia the one halfe of christendome consenteth not vn to them / which grekes if soch thinges had come from the apostles shulde haue had them ere ye. M. the spiritualte be not so tender eared / but that they maye heare their sinnes rebuked. T. they consent not vn to the waye of trueth / but sinne of malice & of profession. And therfore as they haue no power to repent / euen so can they not but persecute both him that rebuketh them & his doctrine to / after the ensamples of the phareses & al tirantes that begonne before / namely if that preacher twich any grounde wherby they shuldbe reformed or by what meanes they maynetene their misheue.

that preacher] the preacher 1573

misheue] mischief 1573

ij. chapter

ij. chapter] The second Chapter. 1573

M. A freres liuinge that hath maried a nunne maketh it easye to know that his doctrine is not good. T. that profession of etherother is playne idolatrie / & disceauinge of a mans soule & robbynge him of his good / & taken vppon them ignorauntly therto. Wherfore when they become vn to the knowlege of the trouth / they ought no lenger therin to abide. But the popis forbiddinge matrimonie & to eate of meates created of god for mannes vse which is deuellish doctrine by paulis prophesie / his geuenge licence to hold whores / his continuall occupienge of pri