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Answer to More, STC 24437

[Hand] An answere vnto Sir Thomas Mores | dialoge made by Vvillyam Tindale. | ¶ First he declareth what the church is / and | geveth a reason of certayne wordes which | Master More rebuketh in the transla= | cion of the newe Testament. [Hand] | ¶ After that he answereth particularlye vn | to everye chaptre which semeth to haue | anye apperaunce of truth thorow | all his .iiij. bokes. | [Hand] Awake thou that sle= | pest and stonde vpp | from deeth / and | Christ shall | geue the | light E J phesi= | ans, | v.

Colophon: None

Collation: Octavo. A–R8, S4

Signatures: The first five leaves of each gathering are signed except the following: A1 (title-page), D5, H4, K5, N5, O5, R4, S4; O3 is missigned O5. Arabic numbers are used except for C ij, C iij, E iij, H iij, I iij.

Foliation: 140 leaves numbered Fo(l). ij. to C.xxxiij. recto only. Exceptions are Fo. 14 and Foli. xx. Title-page (Fol. 1) and Table of Contents (Fol. 134–39) lack folio numbers.

Contents: Title-page (A1), Preface (A1v-A4v), Foundational Essay (A5r—F8r), Answer to Book 1 (G1r—I3v), Answer to Book 2 (I4r–L2r), Answer to Book 3 (L2v—O1v), Answer to Book 4 (O2r—R5v), Table of Contents (R6—S3v), blank (S4r—v).


  • Wi(y)llyam Tindale (A1v, A2v, A3v, A4v)
  • To the reader (A2r, A3r, A4r)
  • What(e) the church is (A5r—v, A6r—v, B5r—v; B6v—C5v [verso only])
  • Why he vsed thys worde congregacion (A7r)
  • Why he vsed congregacyon (A7v)
  • In translatinge the new T(t)estament (A8r, B1r, B2r, B3r)
  • Why he vsed this worde elder (A8v); . . . vseth (B1v)
  • Why he vseth this worde loue (B2v)
  • Why fauoure and not grace (B3v)
  • Why he vsed knowlege and not confession (B4r–v)
  • Whether the apostles left what vnwriten (B6r, B7r)
  • And whether the church can erre (B8r)
  • And whether it maye erre (C1r-C6r) (recto only)
  • Whether the pope and his secte (C6v—C7v, D1v—D8v) (verso only)
  • Be christes church or not (C7r, C8r); ... or no (C8v)
  • Be the church of god or no (D1r—E1r) (recto only)
  • Of worshuppinge (E1v, E2r—v, E3r, E4r—v, E5r—v)
  • Of pilgrimages (E6r—v, E7r)
  • Of S(s)acramentes and ceremoni(y)es (E7v—F4v) (recto and verso)
  • The cere(i)moni(y)es of the masse (F5r—v, F6r—v, F7r—v, F8r)
  • An answere vnto (G1v—H4v, I3v—R5v) (verso only)
  • Master Mores first boke (G2r—H5r) (recto only)
  • A sure token that (H5v—I2v) (verso only)
  • The pope is Antichrist (H6r—I3r) (recto only)
  • Master Mores second(e) boke (I5r-K4r, K6r—L2r) (recto only) Master Mores seconde (K5r)
  • Master Mores thirde boke (L3r—O1r) (recto only)
  • Master Mores fourth boke (O2r, O5r—Q2r, Q5r-R5r) (recto only)
  • M. Mores fourth boke (O3r—4r, Q3r—4r) (recto only)
  • The table of the boke (R6r)
  • The T(t)able (R6v—S3v) (verso only)
  • Of the boke (R7r-S3r) (recto only)
  • Editorial Comments on STC 24437: The title-page is no. 3988 in Nijhoff and Kronenberg. Thirty-six lines per page, seven ornamental capitals (A1v, A5, E1v, G1, I4, L2v, O2), running-titles, text and sidenotes all in 68 textura, catchwords except before the beginning of major divisions (A4v, C1v, F8, I3v, R5v, S3v). There is no running -title on E3v, F8v, G1, I4. In the preceding list of running-titles, O'Donnell has included the variants in parentheses and has silently corrected the following errors: wheter (C3), ceremonys (F2), cermonies (F3v), Mastes (G7), angenst (G7v), answeere (H1v and I7v), his (I1), More (16). In the running-titles, all initial "w"s have been capitalized; "Vw" has been normalized as "W"; all final periods have been removed.

    There are only four extant copies of STC 24437. A2–4 were collated against a reproduction of A1.

  • A1, Folger Shakespeare Library, bound with Tyndale's The practyse of Prelates, STC 24465. The title-pages of Prelates and Answer each contain the signature "Iohan bale." R8r—v is missing and has been supplied by a xerox from the British Library. There are marginalia written in secretary hand.
  • A2, British Library, C.37—a.26.
  • A3, Cambridge University Library, Syn.8.53.43, used by Henry Walter for the Parker Society edition. This copy is bound with John Frith's A disputacion of purgatorye, STC 11386.5.
  • A4, Trinity College Library, Dublin, FF.mm. 32. As in Cambridge, this copy is bound with John Frith's A disputacion of purgatorye, STC 11386.5. A1–8, F4–5, N1–8 are missing. The outer margins have been trimmed, cutting away portions of notes in secretary hand.
  • The error "beius" for "eius" (A8, 7 lines from bottom), which occurs in Folger and Cambridge, is corrected in London; gathering A is missing in Dublin. Sidenote 2 on D6 reads right to left in Folger and London, but is corrected in Cambridge and Dublin. D7v is erroneously reprinted without sidenotes on F8v in Folger and London ; F8v is blank in Cambridge. In Dublin a blank page is pasted on F8v, but it can be partially lifted to reveal D7v. In Folger the "u" in "must" (Q4, line 14) has slipped down to the next line (which is half blank), but is firmly in place in London, Cambridge and Dublin. A blank (S4r—v) is missing in Folger and London, but is present in Cambridge and Dublin.

    Whole Works

    The Folger distinguishes between two issues: "Folger 24435.8," in which the date on the title-page is printed as "1572" but changed by hand to "1573"; "Folger 24436," in which the date on the title-page is printed as "1573.'' The revised STC lists all copies as "24436 . . . 1573 (1572)" and notes, "Several copies . . . have the gen. tp dated 1572 and altered in ink to 1573."

    Whole Works, Folger 24435.8

    Architectural border, McKerrow and Ferguson, no. 76. Within a frame (251 mm x 143 mm) enclosing a compartment (121 mm x 65 mm): ¶ THE WHOLE | workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn | Frith, and Doct. Barnes, three | worthy Martyrs, and principall | teachers of this Churche of England, | collected and compiled in one Tome to= | gither, beyng before scattered, & now in | Print here exhibited to the Church. | To the prayse of God, and | profite of all good Chri= | stian Readers. | [rule] | Mortui resurgent. | [rule] j AT LONDON | Printed by Iohn Daye, | and are to be sold at his shop | vnder Aldersgate. | An. 1572. | [rule] | ¶ Cum gratia & Priuilegio | Regiae Maiestatis. Lines 1–2, 14–17 and 20 are in roman type; lines 3–11 are in textura; lines 12–13, 18–19 are in italic.

    Title of Answer to More (Hh2, p. 247): [Leaf] An aunswere vnto Syr Thomas Mores | Dialogue, made by William Tyndall. 1530. | [Hand] First he declareth what the Church is, and geueth a rea= | son of certaine wordes which Master More rebuketh in the | translation of the new Testament. | ¶ After that he aunswereth particularly vnto euery Chapter | which semeth to haue any appearaunce of truth | thorough all his foure bookes. | ¶ Awake thou that slepest and stand vp from death, and Christ shall | geue the light. Ephesians . 5. Lines 1–2, 9–10 are in roman type; lines 3–8 are in textura; "Master More" in line 4 is in roman.

    Colophon for Works of Tyndale (GG2, p. 495): [Leaf] Imprinted at London by Iohn Daye, | dwellyng ouer Aldersgate. | An. 1572. | ¶ Cum gratia & Priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis. [Tailpiece with medallion bearing John Day's initials] Lines 1–3 are in italic type; line 4 is in roman.

    Colophon for Whole Works: (RRr4, p. 379): AT LONDON | Printed by Iohn Daye, and are to bee sold | at hys shop vnder Aldersgate. | An. 1572. | ¶ Cum gratia & Priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis . | [rule] Lines 1 and 5 are in italic type; lines 2 and 4 in roman.

    Collation for Whole Works: Folio. A—Y4, Aa-Yy6, AA—EE6, FF-GG4, HH-XX6, YY4, *AAa4*, AAa-QQq6, RRr4. Three leaves (probably blanks) are lacking: B4, HH1, AAa1; CC3 is a cancel .

    Collation for Answer to More: Folio. Hh2r—Pp6r, pp. 247–339

    Signatures for Answer to More: First five leaves of six are signed; Kk3 missigned K3; HH4v missigned Hh5.

    Contents for Works of Tyndale: Title-page (A1r, p. i), Table of Contents (A1v, p. ii), Preface (A2r, p. iii to A3v, p. vi), Life (A4r, p. vii to B3r, p. xiii), Protestation on Resurrection of the Body (B4v, p. xiv), Biblical Prefaces (C1r, p. 1 to K2r, p. 59), Mammon (K2r, p. 59 to O4v, p. 96), Obedience (P1r, p. 97 to Bb6r, p. 183), Exposition of Matthew (Bb6v, p. 184 to Hh2r, p. 247), Answer to More (Hh2r, p. 247 to Pp6, p. 339), Prelates (Pp6v, p. 340 to Tt1r, p. 377), Pathway (Tt1r, p. 377 to Tt5v, p. 386), Exposition of 1 John (Tt6r, p. 387 to AA3r, p. 429), Tracy (AA3r, p. 429 to AA6r, p. 435), Sacraments (AA6v, p. 436 to CC2v, p. 432), first Letter to Frith (CC3r—v, pp. 453 [corrected] to p. 454), second Letter to Frith (CC4r—v, pp. 455–56), [George Joye's] Supper of the Lord (CC5r, p. 457 to EE3v, p. 478), Index (EE4r, p. 479 to GG2r, p. 495), blank (GG2v, p. 496).

    Contents for Answer to More: Preface (Hh2r–Hh3r, pp. 247–49), Foundational Essay (HH3r–Kk6r, pp. 249–79), Answer to Book 1 (Kk6r–Mm1r, pp. 279–93), Answer to Book 2 (Mm1r–Mm5v, pp. 293–302), Answer to Book 3 (Mm5v–Oo2r, pp. 302–19), Answer to Book 4 (Oo2r–Pp6r, pp. 319–39).

  • Running-titles for Answer to More:
  • Preface to the Reader. (Hh2r—v, pp. 247–48)
  • What the church is. (Hh3r, Hh6r; pp. 249, 255)
  • Of the worde congregation. (Hh3v, p. 250)
  • Of this worde Elder. (Hh4r—v, pp. 251–52)
  • Of this word loue. (Hh.5r, p. 253)
  • Knowledge and not confession. (Hh5v, p. 254)
  • Of thinges written. (Hh6v, p. 256)
  • Whether the Church can erre. (Ii1r, p. 257)
  • All men sinne, and all flesh doth erre. (Ii1v, p. 258)
  • Faith is assaulted. (Ii2r, p. 259)
  • The order of our election. (Ii2v, p. 260)
  • What the Church is, and whether it may erre. (Ii3r, p. 261)
  • Whether the Pope and his secte (Ii3v, Ii4v, Ii5v, Ii6v; pp. 262, 264, 266, 268)
  • be Christes Church or not. (Ii4r, Ii6r; pp. 263,267)
  • be the Church of God or no. (Ii5r, p. 265)
  • Of worshippi(y)ng. (Kk1r-v, Kk2r; pp. 269–71)
  • Of worshippyng, and Pilgrimages. (Kk2v, p. 272)
  • Of Sacramentes and Ceremonies. (Kk3r—v, Kk4r—v; pp. 273–76)
  • The ceremonies of the Masse. (Kk5r—v, pp. 277–78)
  • An answere vnto M. Mores first booke. (Kk6r-v, Ll2r-v; pp. 279–80) 283–84
  • An aunswere vnto maister Mores first booke. (Ll1r—v, pp. 281–82) maister Mores first booke. (Ll3r, Ll4r; pp. 285, 287)
  • An aunswere vnto (Ll3v, Ll4v; pp. 286, 288)
  • A sure token that the Pope is Antichrist. (Ll5r-v, Ll6r-v; pp. 289–92)
  • An answere vnto M. Mores second booke. (Mm1r—v, Mm3r—v, Mm4r-v, pp. 293–94, 297–300)
  • An aunswere vnto M. Mores ij. booke. (Mm2r-v, Mm5r-v, pp. 295–96, 301–2)
  • An answere vnto M. Mores third booke. (Mm6r—v, Nn2r—v, Nn5r—v, Oo1r-v; pp. 303–4, 307–8, 313–14, 317–18)
  • An aunswere vnto M. Mores iij. booke. (Nn1r-v, Nn3r-v, Nn4r-v, Nn5r-v, Nn6r-v; pp. 305–6, 309–12, 315–16)
  • An aunswere vnto M. Mores iiij. booke. (Oo2r—v, Oo5r—v, Pp1r—v, Pp3r-v, Pp4r-v, Pp6r; pp. 319–20, 325–26, 329–30, 333–36, 339)
  • An answere vnto M. Mores fourth booke. (Oo3r—v, Oo4r—v, Oo6r—v, Pp2r—v, Pp5r-v, pp. 321–24, 327–28, 331, 332 [corrected], 337 [corrected], 338)
  • Copy 1: The title-page is inscribed in ink, "D. Basilius fyldyngg ex dono I. Foxi | 16. Ianuarij. 1573." [period after date]. The Folger card catalogue lists as "Feilding family library copy." At the bottom of the title-page is added, "Sine me nihil potestis facere | Wt out me ye can doo nothyng | Ioan. 15." The pages have been trimmed.
  • Copy 2: The Folger card catalogue lists as "Marshall Clifford Lefferts copy." There is a slip cancel on RRr4v.
  • Whole Works, Folger 24436

  • Copy 1: Signature "William Laud: /" is written on the title-page for The Workes of . . . Iohn Frith (GG3r, p. 1). The second inscription is: "The scarce Portrait inserted is from 'Holland's Heroologia' [sic]. A copy on a | reduced scale of this head is prefixed to 'Anderson's Annals of the English Bible'." This portrait has been pasted on the page facing the title-page.
  • Copy 2: On the title-page a name at the top right has been heavily crossed out; the central compartment and the printer's motto have been tinted ochre; the title-page has been repaired. Many topics relevant to the political situation in the mid 17c have been added to the indices, e.g.: "Kings not to be obey'd against Conscience" (EE4r, p. 479); "Bps. should be liberal" (YY3, p. 173); and "Ministers should be no Lords" (RRr4r, p. 379). The last page before the final index is signed: "376 | 1649 | J. Poole" and "J. Nevill Poole" (RRr2v, p. 376).
  • Copy 3: John T. Beer, a previous owner, made the painting on the fore-edge similar to the engraving of the martyrdom of Tyndale (A4r, p. vii). An extra leaf before the title-page is inscribed in red ink: "Rhod Gwylim Alaw | iw Nai | Rhinallt Navalaw ap Ioan Pughe | 1853 | [arabesque]". Another page is stamped "IOAN AP RUW / FEDDY G[?]" (A3v, p. vi). This owner added in red ink "Tyndall was a Welshman" next to "that we cal Iohn, the Welshman call Euan" (C3, p. 5). Another hand has written in brown ink: "Alphabet | Libri | Lexe" (PPp5v, p. 358).
  • Editorial Comments on Folger 24435.8 and Folger 24436: There are two series of paginations, one for works of Tyndale and another for works of Frith and Barnes. Answer to More is found on pp. 247–339 of works of Tyndale; p. 332 is misnumbered 337 and vice versa. There are seventy-two lines per column in preface, sixtytwo lines in main text, and two columns per page throughout. Main text is in 72 textura; prologue and sidenotes are in 63 textura . Running-titles, Latin quotations and some proper names are in italic. A few Greek words are given in Greek letters. Chapter and section headings, most proper names, biblical references in sidenotes (but not in text), and quotations from More's Dialogue Concerning Heresies are in roman. There are three large engravings: martyrdom of Tyndale (A4r, p. vii), martyrdom of Barnes and two companions (*AAa1*v, p. 178), and allegorical Judgement weighing Verbum Dei against papal decretals (RRr4v, p. 380). Within Answer to More, there are large ornamental capitals introducing: Preface (Hh2r, p. 247), Foundational Essay (Hh3r, p. 249), Answer to Book 1 (Kk6r, p. 279), Answer to Book 2 (Mm1r, p. 293), Answer to Book 3 (Mm6r, p. 303), Answer to Book 4 (Oo2r, p. 319), and an arabesque tailpiece (Pp6r, p. 339). Catchwords are added to second columns only.
  • Editorial Comments on Folger 24435.8: There are two copies, each of which has been collated against Answer to More, STC 24437. Copy 1 has "c" in "ceremonie," but "c" is missing in Copy 2 (Hh6v, p. 256, column 2, 14 lines from the bottom). Copy 1 has handwritten notes for adding "r" to "hauest" and striking final "1" from "vntill" (Ii2v, p. 260, column 1, 9 lines from the bottom). Copy 2 prints "haruest, vntil".
  • Editorial Comments on Folger 24436: The library contains three copies, each of which has been collated against the two copies of Folger 24435.8 in the twenty-some places where the latter contains errors. The three copies of Folger 24436 give the "c" in "ceremonie " (Hh6v, p. 256, column 2, 14 lines from the bottom) as in Folger 24435.8, Copy 1. They print the corrected "haruest, vntil" (Ii2v, p. 260, column 1, 9 lines from the bottom) as in Folger 24435.8, Copy 2. Otherwise, they repeat the errors of Folger 24435.8.