The 112 Motel

Known Name(s)

The 112 Motel


2001 NY-112 Medford, NY 11763

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The 112 Motel is on Rt. 112, Medford, in Suffolk County, NY. It is located behind and is connected to Gabino Catering Hall. The multi-building complex features frame buildings built on concrete slab foundations with vinyl siding in pubic facing areas. Remaining asbestos shingles can be seen on walls that do not face the public areas. Each room has a single-hung window, an air unit, and a door accessed from a covered walkway. The motel buildings have gable roofs with asphalt shingles; the roof overhangs the covered walkway in front of the rooms, which is paved in brick.

Detailed History

The earliest local news articles advertising the 112 Motel and Lounge was June 1961. The motel was introduced into the Green Book in 1963. Fire departments, Rotary clubs, women's clubs, wedding receptions, and dances have rented out the motel and lounge. It has also been used to house social services clients. The motel has been the scene of burglaries and fell victim to a fire in 1962, but the effects were temporary. In 1963, the establishment applied for renewal of a sign permit.


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