Buffalo Sanborn Map 1925 Vol. 2 sheet 222.

Clinton and Emslie St. Buffalo, NY.

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Current Google Street View of the site.

Photo taken 2022.

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Known Name(s)



Clinton & Emslie St. Buffalo, NY

Establishment Type(s)

Service Station

Physical Status



This establishment sat at the southwest corner of Clinton St. and Emslie St. facing Clinton Street. The building was constructed after 1925, when the Sanborn map of this area shows two two-story commercial buildings at the corner, numbered 683 and 685. Today, the site is occupied by a three-section garage with a tall bay in the center with an overhead garage door. A shorter bay with an overhead door is to one side. Closest to Emslie St., there is a one-story structure that may have served as an office.

Detailed History

Both Al's and Klein's were listed at the same intersection in the same year, 1947. The address of the current building on this corner, as recorded by the SHPO in CRIS is 677 Clinton St. Its status is listed as "undetermined" on CRIS with USN 02940.031071.  The site was the Boeckel and Son Grocery store from1868 to at least 1934. This was Buffalo’s oldest wholesale grocery store in 1934. It was a gas station by 1944. When the gas station business closed, plans were filed to enlarge the building in 1947 by Joseph and Walter Jaworski. The building continued to be a gas station until at least 1956.


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