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US 1 (7436 Washington Boulevard) Elkridge, Maryland

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The motel remained standing until early in 2023 when it was demolished for new rowhouse construction. The hotel was a single story building with twelve bedroom units. The main entrance was marked with a low-hip roof portico. A parking lot extended across the front of the motel.

Detailed History

The June 15, 1957 Afro American "Vacationland" column encouraged travelers to visit the Bass Motel. It stood on US 1 (Washington Boulevard) and was 15 miles south of Baltimore. The motel was owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bass formerly of Cleveland, Ohio. It opened in 1953 (described in 1957 as opened 4 years ago) but it did not start advertising in the Green Book until 1963. Afro American articles only appear in 1957 and 1958. Lee Bass was killed in 1976 in an unsolved murder when two men came asking for a room.

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