Bay Shore Inn

Known Name(s)

Bay Shore Inn


400 Bay Shore Rd Bayshore, NY 11706

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The Bay Shore Inn is located at 300 Bay Shore Rd, Bayshore, Suffolk County, New York. The front, north entrance is on Bay Shore Road, and the south entrance is off of the Sunrise Hwy North Service Road, both marked with signs. From the north entrance you see a two-story, gray building with stuccoed walls and a flat roof. The cornice on the facade of the building is composed of a series of horizontal diamond-shaped projections, which form an overhang. Circular elements in the middle of each diamond are backlit. The front entrance has glass doors and fixed pane windows, divided into horizontal panes, into the lobby. The second story has single-hung windows with horizontal divisions. The gable overhang for the front doors has a pediment facing the streets displaying the Inn’s name. The Inn's first-story rooms on the west side have outside access doors opening to a covered walkway into the parking lot, with sliding windows over air units. The second story provides the cover for the first floor and is accessible only from the inside with large sliding windows over air units. Renovations to the exterior walls applying painted stucco of the same color as the front are in process (2023).


Detailed History

The Bay Shore Inn was first mentioned in the Green Book in 1963. There were other motels with the same name in local papers starting in the 1930s with locations closer to the center of town or near the bay. The inn with the address mentioned in the Green Book was advertised in 1970 having a pool and 65 rooms with tv and radio. The inn served the community by prividing space for public events and rented space for private events, with advertisements fround in local newspapers. The motel advertised its grand reopening in 1983 and is still standing today.


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