Carver House

Known Name(s)

Carver House


Jackson and "D" Streets Las Vegas, NV

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The actual address of this business was 400 West Jackson Avenue. It is now a vacant lot. In the photo of the vacant lot, the Carver House stood on the right side of the lot. The left side was 418 Jackson. 

Detailed History

From the website Vintage Las Vegas, 

While the Moulin Rouge was under construction on Bonanza Rd during the hotel boom of the mid 50s, developer Alvin Rose announced another hotel of the same name to be built on Jackson Ave. The project’s name was changed to Carver House, construction began in ‘55, and stopped in ‘56 with the developer declaring bankruptcy. The building sat unfinished through the late 50s, then finally opened July 1961 under the ownership of First Western bank.

One of Las Vegas’ most spectacular opening nights takes place this evening at the new Carver House Hotel and Casino  … luxurious “Mr. B’s Supper Club” located in the hotel will be the Harlem of Las Vegas … Billy Eckstine and Sammy Davis Jr will be “part-time hosts” whenever their work schedules permit. - Review Journal, 7/21/61

Carver House became the Cove Hotel in ‘65, and was closed by the late 60s. A group called Operation Life leased the building in the early 70s and headquartered on the first floor. The former hotel was damaged by fire in July ‘89 and soon demolished.

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