Corner Inn

Known Name(s)

Corner Inn


409 N. Main Street Lawrenceville, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Two story, brick, commercial style. Note that the entrance is at the side of the building.

Detailed History

Beverly Taylor is listed as the Manager in the 1966-67 Green Book. Maude's Beauty Shop, a successful Black-owned business, stood adjacent to the Corner Inn. A Black-owned gas station/convenience store was on the other side of Maude's. Many thanks to "sharbu," who shared the information about Maude's and the gas station on Instagram.

Per David Nolan, Mr. Beverly L. Taylor was president of the Brunswick County NAACP and worked at the Otis P. Jones Funeral Home just down the street. Maude Pegram, of Maude's Beauty Shop, was the wife of Bishop Freddie M. Pegram of the R.Z.U.A. Church and was also a civil rights activist. Mrs. Pegram ultimately expanded her beauty shop into a school for aspiring beauticians. Her son Eugene was one of the early children to integrate the while schools in Lawrenceville. Here is a link to a local tribute to Mrs. Pegram when she passed away in 2014:

The buildings at 409 - 413 North Main Street are listed as contributing structures in the Lawrenceville National Register Historic District. The nomination dates them to 1948.

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