Duncan Hotel

Known Name(s)

Duncan Hotel ()
Hotel Duncan (Secondary)


1151 Chapel St. New Haven, CT 06511

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status


Detailed History

Constructed in 1894, the Hotel Duncan was a popular accommodation thanks to its convenient location at the center of downtown New Haven, close to Yale University. In the 1963-1964 edition of The Green Book, the Duncan was only one of six New Haven hotels listed.

While it is unclear whether these hotels were segregated before their advertisement in The Green Book, their inclusion was likely influenced by the Civil Rights Movement. As protests arose across the nation, many businesses began to adopt desegregation policies and accept, if not welcome, African Americans customers.

The hotel was later renovated as affordable single-room occupancy housing. As Yale University expanded its presence in the city, creating demand for more upscale accommodations, the property was remodeled again in 2019 as a college-themed boutique hotel called the Graduate New Haven

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