Happyland Lake Home

Known Name(s)

Happyland Lake Home


812 5th Ave. Lynchburg, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



Aerial photo from A Visual History of Lynchburg, Virginia Facebook page.

Detailed History

Per interviewees in Noreen Turyrn, WSET, "Central Virginia's Place in Green Book History," May 6, 2019, this was off of Timberlake Road. It had boat rides, dance hall, a place to eat, and a tourist home. Happyland Lake is located SW of downtown Lynchburg, but there are no numbered streets in this area. Also, the 1950 edition of the "Negro Business Directory" lists this as located at 812 Fifth Street, not Avenue, which would imply that the business was not off of Timberlake Road. However, there is no lake, or anything approximating at lake, near 812 Fifth Street. The location is therefore uncertain. Latitudes and longitudes are for the lake itself.

From A Visual History of Lynchburg, Virginia Facebook page (names not included for privacy): "...wrote a post in 2019, "Happy Land lake was owned by Florence Day. She, after Happy Land Lake, was a cook at the Country Kitchen Restaurant on Lakeside Drive several years ago. I known her for many years. My fahter had Juke Box and Pin Ball Machines there when I was young. Mrs. Day is a sweet lady." A gentleman added the comment: "Florence Day, the owner, was my aunt. Happyland Lake was an adult place for black folk. It included a nightclub, restaurant, swimming pool, lake, and motel. It was also a fun place for a kid. Such great memories!"   

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