Lake Meade Lodge

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Lake Meade Lodge


Boulder City, NV

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Note that the official spelling is Mead, not Meade. The photo to the left depicts Lake Mead Lodge Building B, 1951. Photo courtesy Lake Mead NRA Archives via the NPS website for Lake Mead.

Detailed History

Lake Mead Lodge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the property is owned and maintained by the National Park Service. For a full history of the site, see the NPS website: From the NPS website:

Opened in 1941, Hualapai Lodge played a key role in the development of recreation and tourism at Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Southern Nevada. The Lodge was the first hotel on Lake Mead, and it was one of the first tourist facilities constructed inside the park. The facility was renamed Lake Mead Lodge in 1945, since the name better reflected its lakeside location and was easier to spell and pronounce than "Hualapai." Lake Mead Lodge's history reflects the growth of tourism and outdoor recreation in Southern Nevada. The Lodge served the growing demands of postwar visitors, and provided reasonably priced lodging in a beautiful lake setting until it closed in 2009. After closing the Lodge, the NPS began the process of determining what to do with the Lodge. The Lodge buildings suffered from decades of deferred maintenance, and it was determined to be unfeasible to reuse the Lodge buildings for any purpose. Throughout this process the NPS consulted with the SHPO as required by the National Historic Preservation Act. A final decision was made in 2012 to remove the buildings and restore the grounds to natural desert.

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