Lindey's Steak House

Known Name(s)

Lindey's Steak House


1581 University Avenue West St. Paul, MN

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status


Detailed History

Lindey's Steak House was established in 1958 when Lewis Walter Lindemer "Lindey" served his first steak in the basement or "Rathskeller" of the Coronado Cafe at Snelling and University, which was owned at the time by Heinei Borndale. The Coronado Cafe was located at 1581 University Avenue West, and thus, Lindey's was listed at that address in The Green Book

In 1961, Lindey moved the restaurant to 3600 Snelling Avenue North in Arden Hills and newspaper advertisements document that new businesses moved into the buildings at 1581 University Avenue West. In 1962, the building was home to Furniture Center, Inc. and then had become a wig warehouse by 1968. The building was demolished by 1972. Even so, Lindey's appeared in The Green Book in 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1966 at the 1581 University Avenue West address.

Lindey's Steak House exists today in Arden Hills, see their website for more on their history.


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