Mohican Hotel

Known Name(s)

Mohican Hotel


281 State St. New London, CT

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Physical Status


Detailed History

Originally called the Munsey Building, the Mohican Hotel was built in 1896 and served as the headquarters for Munsey's Magazine, which was established in 1889. Frank Munsey had it built to move his publishing operation out of New York and therefore side-step union demands, though a strike forced its closure anyway just six months later. The building was converted to the Mohican Hotel in 1898, and after its years as a grand hotel faded, was converted to apartments in the 1990s.

As with other downtown hotels, the Mohican's Green Book listing coincides with the opening of a twenty-two mile stretch of I-95 into Rhode Island and was likely part of an effort to entice customers away from modern motels.

Listed in the Downtown New London National Register Historic District

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