Mrs. C. Harper

Known Name(s)

Mrs. C. Harper


1109 8th St. Lynchburg, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



Note on the address: According to census data, Mrs. C. Harper lived at 1108 8th Street. Yet the Green Book listings list the tourist home at 1109 8th Street. There is no longer a building at 1108 8th Street. 

Detailed History

The 1940 census lists Carrie Harper, age 54, in the household of her husband, John W. Harper, age 65, at 1108 8th Street. She is an insurance agent who had completed the third year of high school. Their niece, Sarah E. Walker, age 26, lives in the household. The 1950 census lists Carrie Harper as the head of household at 1108 8th Street. She is widowed and age 60. She is an insurance agent with two lodgers in her household, one of whom is a science teacher. 

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