Mrs. J. Makel

Mrs. John Makel advertised her tourist home in Frederick's uptown African American neighborhood. 

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Known Name(s)

Mrs. J. Makel


119 East 5th Street Frederick, Maryland

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



The Makel House is a late 19th century house is an example of a double or paired house that is 3-stories.  It is of brick, and has 2-bays.  The sharply pointed front gable dormer in the attic demonstrates its association with the Gothic Revival form of architecture.  A traditional Western Maryland feature is on the east side of building with an open passage on the ground floor and a porch above.  This feature allows cooling breezes in the summer to enter the building, but in the winter makes the interior cold.

Detailed History

Mrs. Emma Makel ran her boarding house on the north side of Frederick in the uptown African American part of town. One of Makel's boarders was a woman named Lillian Proctor, who in the 1940 census is listed as an elementary school teacher.  By 1940, she was the Principal of the Elementary School and a Feb. 17, 1965 article in The Frederick News for Negro History Week noted that she was an early educator.

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