Mrs. M.K. Page

Known Name(s)

Mrs. M.K. Page


434 Holbrook St. Danville, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



This is a two story, gable roofed, frame dwelling with a one-story, gable-roofed porch extending across the front/west elevation. It is basically a bungalow style that has most likely been enlarged. The front/west gable has a pair of windows with four-light vertical muntins. The second story of the primary elevation has four (vertical) - over-one windows, and the first story has a door on the south side and a triple four (vertical) - over-one window on the north side. There is a chimney on the north elevation.

The 1951 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map indicates that this is a two-story frame dwelling with a rear one-story addition that is inset slightly from the south elevation, but is nearly as large as the front/west section of the house. The house has a one-story porch on the south half of the front/west elevation. All roofing is slate or tin.

Detailed History

According to Danville land tax records, the house at 434 Holbrook Street was built in 1926. The 1951 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Danville indicates that this house is across the street from "Holbrook St Presbyn Church (colored)." VDHR record 108-0180-0034 refers to this as the Leroy Johnson House and notes that "a teacher by the name of Page lived here in 1935." The 1940 and 1950 census records do not list an M.K. Page in Danville.

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