Mrs. N.P. Washington

Known Name(s)

Mrs. N.P. Washington


611 Polk Lynchburg, VA

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status


Detailed History

Nelson P. Washington, age 56, Black, and his wife Grace V. Washington, age 50, Black, live at this address in the 1950 census. Their household includes daughter Gwendolyn P. Washington, age 32 and single, son Nelson P. Washington, Jr., age 31 and separated, sister Lillie R. Washington, age 79 and widowed, and nephew Odell M. Washington, age 47 and single. Nelson Sr. works as an upholsterer and cabinet maker. Gwendolyn is a secretarial and commercial teacher at a night high school. Nelson Jr. works as an undertaker's helper. Odell works as a high school math teacher at the city high school. Grace and Lillie do not work.

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