Mrs. W.W. Roberts

Roberts Tourist Home looking south at north facade on West South Street.

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Known Name(s)

Mrs. W.W. Roberts


316 West South Street Frederick, Maryland

Establishment Type(s)

Tourist Home

Physical Status



A 3-story red-brick single family dwelling from the 19th century.  The first two floors are two bays and the entrance is on the west end of the north fa├žade.  The east bay forms a two-story tower that breaks the plane of the main pile.  The windows in the tower are both 3-part windows.  An exterior staircase has been added and is now enclosed on the west elevation.  The third floor has a mansard type roof that functions as the wall.  It contains a paired window and a single window each of which have front facing gables.  

Detailed History

The 1940 census identifies Ada Roberts as the Boarding House Manager at 316 West South Street (Roberts). According to the Frederick City land records, William Roberts came into possession of the South Street parcel in 1894, although he inherited another parcel nearby when his parents died. The Roberts House appears to have originally been a 2-story building but it now has a 2-bay mansard roof addition as well as an enclosed stairway which appear to have been adaptations for the building's tenants.

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