Parkway Motor Court

Parkway Motor Court postcard

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Known Name(s)

Parkway Motor Court


4757 Hiawatha Ave. Minneapolis, MN

Establishment Type(s)

Motel, Restaurant

Physical Status


Detailed History

It opened in 1947 with 21 units. The owners, Jack Polkinghorne and Ben Munig, were also proprietors of the canteen cafe and the Parkway garage at the same intersection. It was designed by E.J. Bechetti and built by Alexander Construction Co. IT expanded in 1956 with 14 more rooms, then there was another large addition in 1959 to add 48 more unit. It also had conference hall and dining facilities for groups of up to 250. The manager in 1956 was Paul Fahlin. The restaurant was still standing until 2020 when a new apartment building was constructed.

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