Peter's Motel

Known Name(s)

Peter's Motel


223 Flanders Rd. Riverhead, NY 11901

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



Peter’s Motel is located at 223 Flanders Rd., Riverhead, NY. Much of the property has been abandoned and is in disrepair. A chain-link fence, also in disrepair, surrounds the property. A faded motel sign marks the entrance. The motel may once have consisted of multiple one-story buildings and a two-story structure to the rear. A surviving frame building with brick veneer on the gable end facing that street and faux wood clapboard on other elevations provided multiple rooms with direct access from a covered walkway. An intriguing one-story stucco building with a Colonial revival doorway sits just east of the drive and may have served as the motel office.


Detailed History

Peter’s Motel was introduced into the Green Book in 1959.


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