Poughkeepsie Motor Hotel

Streetview image of the Poughkeepsie Inn before being demolished in 2020. 

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The area in which the Poughkeepsie Motor Hotel once stood is now a small shopping center. 

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Headline from the Poughkeepsie Journal on February 14,2020 aboutthe plans of demolishing the Poughkeepsie Inn, previously the Poughkeepsie Motor Hotel, to be redeveloped into retail space and a new hotel. 

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Known Name(s)

Poughkeepsie Motor Hotel (Primary)
Poughkeepsie Inn (Secondary)


Rte. 9 Poughkeepsie, NY (Primary) (1963, 1964, 1966)
(2625 South Rd Poughkeepsie, NY) (Secondary)

Establishment Type(s)

Motor Court

Physical Status



The hotel consisted of four buildings. The back three buildings were all single-story hotel units, clad in brick with asphalt roofs. The main building consisted of three parts. The center section contained the administrative functions and was two stories with a gable roof with the gable end facing the road. A roofed area extended from the building to protect those arriving by car from the weather. On either side of the two-story section sat two sections of single-story hotel units. All were clad in brick. The center section had been updated, perhaps in the 1980s, with the brick replaced with a white finish. A large teal geometric faux gable had been added to the roofline as well.

Detailed History

Cardboard America has an image of the Poughkeepsie Motor Hotel from about the same time as its Green Book listings. It describes the Motel as "115 luxurious units and suites with air conditioning, room telephones and new filtered swimming pool… Convenient to all industrial plants. Minutes from Vassar College and Oakwood School." The inn was erected in 1940 with expansions in 1956 and in the 1980s. A detached but adjacent Howard Johnson once provided food for motel guests and others. In the years since, the Poughkeepsie Motor Hotel has operated as an EconoLodge and most recently as the Poughkeepsie Inn. Due to its dilapidated status, the Inn closed down, was demolished, and has been developed as the South Road Crossings according to an article published by the Poughkeepsie Journal in 2020.


**Information as of Spring 2023

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