Ruth's restaurant

Known Name(s)

Ruth's restaurant


128 E. Cecil St. Winchester, VA

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status


Detailed History

Workmen constructing Ruth’s Tea Room stayed at the New Evans Hotel during construction. The tea room was listed as Ruth’s Restaurant in the Green Book from 1939 – 1967, almost the entire run of the publication. Unfortunately, the building was demolished in 2007.

The 1940 census lists Ruth E.P. Jackson, 44, in the household of her husband Boyd F. Jackson, 47, at 128 Cecil. Boyd is the Proprietor of a private team room. Her occupation is Assistant Proprietor of a private tea room and she has completed 7th grade. Their son Amuel, 21, and daughter Vivian, 14, also live in the household. Boyd and Vivian were born in Virginia; Ruth and Amuel were born in Pennsylvania. All are Black. The 1950 census indicates that Ruth is unable to work. Boyd is a restaurant proprietor and their daughter Vivienne is a restaurant manager. Son Amuel is no longer in the household. 

The photo at the left was taken prior to demolition, courtesy Handley Library collection. The print at the left by artist Jane Caspar is also courtesy of the Handley Library collection.

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