Starlite Motel

Street view of the Starlite Motel (now Sunrise Inn)

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Google Maps aerial view of the St. Moritz Motel (now Sunrise Inn)

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Yellow Pages advertisement for the Starlite Motel from 1960-1961

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Newsday advertisement for the Starlite Motel from Oct. 25, 1958

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Known Name(s)

Starlite Motel (Primary)
Americana Motel (Secondary)
Sunrise Inn (Tertiary)


760 Little E. Neck Rd. (Sunrise Hwy.) West Babylon, NY 11704

Establishment Type(s)


Physical Status



The motel is on a corner of a service road and an elevated highway exit. The property is broken up into multiple buildings including administrative offices and lodging. The single-story administrative building is finished in white plaster with a cross-gable roof, asphalt shingles, and a large marquee above the front door. The lodging buildings are constructed in a similar style, most with flat roofs. The rear of the property includes one two-story structure with a hipped roof.

Detailed History

Through research done in 2023, the motel is believed to have been built in 1955 and originally located at the corner of Little East Neck Road and Sunrise Highway. The Starlite Motel has changed its orientation to reflect its new address, 570 Sunrise Highway. Also known as the Americana Motel at one point, it went through a handful of name changes over the years, and is currently operating as the Sunrise Inn. Notable ammenities listed in motel advertisements include large, modern rooms, private baths, air conditioning and individual heat, private telephone services, radio, and T.V.

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