Three Village Inn

Known Name(s)

Three Village Inn


Dock Rd. Stony Brook, NY 11790

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Physical Status



Three Village Inn is located on Shore Road in Stony Brook, Suffolk County, NY. The entire site has a total of seven buildings. The main multipart building complex centers on a story-and-a-half colonial-era house. Based on a 1940 postcard and current photos, the building has wings on the sides, east and west. The wood-frame building rests on a masonry foundation. It has a gable roof with two gable dormers and a central chimney. The roofs on the main structure and wings presently have asphalt shingles with walls clad in wooden shingles. The front door has a gable overhang with the pediment facing the street. Windows with divided lights are found around the building, many with decorative shutters. The single-story building northwest of the main building has the same foundation, roofing and siding as the main building as do the five one-story cabins.

Detailed History

The Three Village Inn was developed on the site of the Jones Smith house, dating to 1751. After generations of ownership by the Smith family, the Stony Brook Assembly, a religious organization, bought the property in 1907 and turned the house into a dining hall. The building fell into disrepair in the 1920s and was then bought by Mrs. Frank Melville in 1929, who renovated it into a women's exchange during the depression. In the 1940s, the building saw expansions including the addition of a bar wing. The Three Village Inn first appeared in the Green Book in 1963 and to this day still serves the Stony Brook community as a restaurant, tavern, dining hall, and inn.


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